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Resort Wear #OOTD: Tequila Sunrise

Atleast once a week I see a ton of amazing vacay pics from Mexico! I can't get over how perfect a Margarita & beautiful ocean…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jul 08, 2014

A Wise Choice

Just recently I started the second addition to my "Blade Runner" tattoo gloves (work in progress). Thomas Hooper (@thomas_hooper_tattooing) added a gorgeous owl, symbolic in…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jul 02, 2014

My Amazing Experience: Dr. Jennifer Walden/Micro Laser Peel

Growing into a young lady, I was never taught important information about skincare. I had to learn this valuable advice on my own via Seventeen…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 27, 2014

Baby Ghost: A Tomboy's Fantasy

Maybe its the "never back down, never surrender" soldier in me or the fairy tale princess that will always be held to high standards-- either…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 22, 2014

Austin Makeover: The Black Gallery

Austin Street Style is getting a makeover. No, I'm not referring to the copius amount of construction in every division of the city. I am…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 17, 2014

Heard First: Lana Del Rey "Ultraviolence"

New album leak, Lana Del Rey! Her hauntingly beautiful voice is perfect for Friday the 13th jamz & a full honey moon! Check it out…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 13, 2014

A Golden Night with @badjohnpaul

Last week I woke from an extremely vivid dream I had. I was swaying through a field of flowers in a blurred haze and the…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 08, 2014

Disney Villain Inspired Look: MALEFICENT

With all the buzz over this summer's Disney hit "Maleficent", I felt extremely inspired to add my personal flare to the mix. There are so…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Jun 04, 2014


Thank you to Virtue Vape for letting us invade the store & shoot some trill shit! (www.virtuevape.com). When in Miami, shoot to kill <3 Photography by…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason May 30, 2014

Heading West: In Search of Gold

If all goes well this summer, I should be able to swing a trip to California in July or August! During my time there, I…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason May 27, 2014

Lady in Red

If you're looking for a little romance or simply an outfit to stop someone dead in their tracks, go for RED! It's the color of…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason May 23, 2014

A Week in Miami ft. Montce Swimwear!

What better way to kickoff summer than a vacation to MIAMI!!! I've had a vast majority of friends asking where to buy the best bikini…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason May 22, 2014
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  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian - Other
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About Me:

I am a true fashionista from Austin, TX. I read and follow up on the latest trends in fashion, music, and photography. MISTY MASON vs. XXBLEEDGOLDXX

To put it simply: Elegance vs. Edge.
By nature, I believe a woman should act elegant and sophisticated. An elegant woman is a timeless woman. I want any work I do to represent that sort of specificity. I strive for it to remain timeless... it's not important to live forever, but to create a body of work, that possibly can, is revolutionary. I consider myself a business-savvy lady at all times and I hold myself to high standards. Hence, the sophistication. It's not what you do in front of the crowds, but what you do when the crowds are no longer there... in those moments of lone reflection I have started to define my own voice, and I am humbled by those moments. Humbled and given strength...
speaking of strength-
I've aligned myself with the alias "BleedGold." Why BleedGold? I believe in a woman's ability to remain sexy, edgy, and fierce in a 'man's world'. I believe in non-conformity and being able to survive working solely for myself. In any industry, you have to have the ultimate work ethic (you win some you lose some-- but never quit). You have to be savage, ambitious, and hungry for more. And, just like gold, I am a commodity... Thank you all for the love and support ♥

For inquiries contact me at xxbleedgoldxx@gmail.com

Misty Mason


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